Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finding The Best Route

Is it true that men have an “ego thing” that keeps them from asking for directions? I have a feeling there may be some truth to that, but I am also quite sure that women have a bit of the “ego thing” too. No matter what gender we are, there are times we could save ourselves a lot of aggravation if we would just ask for directions from someone who knows. When it comes to the way we should live and what we should do with our lives – there is no one who knows better than the One who created us.

Our physical make up and natural abilities give us some hint as to what general direction we should take in life. For instance, an 18 year-old fellow - 5'0" weighing 120 lbs. most likely is not meant to become a professional football player.

God gives us directions and guidance for our lives in the Scriptures. God's Word will help us to identify roads we clearly should avoid - roads that lead to danger and harm not only to us but also those around us. It also guides us to the best route we need to take in order to accomplish His purpose for our lives.

As we pray and ask for more specific direction – The Holy Spirit will “fine tune” our spiritual vision. Now we can more clearly see the best route to take. He advises us and watches over us all along the way. James 1:5-6 NLT says: “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone.” We can rest assured, He is ready to give us directions.

People like Pastors, teachers, friends and family members can also be a source of good advice, as long as that advice is in harmony with the Word of God.

Our Heavenly Father promised, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.I will advise you and watch over you.” He does that through our physical make up, the Scriptures, prayer and Godly people. He provides all these sources of help so we have every opportunity to find and get on the best route for our life.

Let’s pray –
Father, we are so grateful that you have planned the best route for our life. You even have provided us with the best directions for getting on that route. Thank you Lord! We ask you now, please help us not to take any exits – no matter how tempting – but to stay on the road you have planned, until we finally arrive at the ultimate purpose you have in mind for us.


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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Free Gift of God

Free offers catch our eye, but when we check them out they usually don’t amount to much. Receiving gifts is an enjoyable experience, especially when it’s something we wanted or really needed. God offers us a Free Gift that is truly priceless and never losses it’s value! But because all of us have sinned, we are blind to the fact that we desperately need it. Without it we are hopelessly separated from Him for all eternity. Heaven's gates are shut to us.

Sin according to the literal translation of the word means “to miss the mark” - to fall short of God’s standard of perfection. Sin pays wages, namely death. Spiritually dead people will not be able to enter heaven. Heaven is all about Life – death would defile it and God cannot allow that. To solve this problem, God gave His sinless Son to die on the cross for our sin. By raising Jesus from the dead He declared that He was satisfied with His sacrifice on our behave.

As believers, we remember as we humbled ourselves and admitted to God that we were sinners, our spiritual eyes were opened - and for the first time we could see how desperately we needed His Free Gift. For each of us the situation was different, but when we asked Him to forgive us and we put our trust in Jesus as our Savior - it happened! Joy and peace flooded our soul and we knew without a doubt, we had received God's Free Gift of Eternal Life! Now the gates of heaven have swung wide open for us!! By faith we can hear "Enter into the Joy of the Lord." May we always remember, we don't deserve it - we can't earn it - we just humbly recieve it as God's Free Gift. We are so blessed!!!

Fifty nine years ago I admitted to God that I was a sinner and placed my trust in Jesus as my Savior. And as He promised, He forgave my sin, and gave me the Free Gift of Eternal Life! And today, as I write these words, I am assured that heaven's gates will be open for me when my Lord calls me home.
I just know, someone reading these words, is beginning to realize they desperately need God's Free Gift. Right there in front of your computer, admit to God you have sinned and believe that Jesus died and rose again for you. Ask Him to forgive you your sins, and you will recieve God’s Free Gift of Eternal Life. You will be eternally grateful!!

Let's Pray -

Father, we are so grateful for salvation! You are so good!! We love you!!! Help us as we commit ourselves anew to live our life in such a way as to bring you glory. And Father, may there be some who will come to you in faith today and receive Your Free Gift of Eternal Life.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Days of All Good News

As we watch the news – local, national or world – it seems 95% or more of it is not good. Murders – robberies – domestic violence – rape – embezzlement – terrorism – natural disasters, and on and on. The list is endless. It can become downright depressing if we watch too much of it. Lawlessness is everywhere. People do what is right in their own eyes. Every year it seems to be getting worse. Is there any hope that things will ever get better?

The prophet Zechariah says YES in the day when our Lord is “King over all the earth!” And Isaiah 25:23 quotes God as saying “I have sworn by my own name: I have spoken the truth, I will never go back on my word: every knee will bend to me and every tongue will confess allegiance to me.” From a human standpoint that is so unreal – so impossible because the world we live in today is in rebellion against God and there is no submission to Him. But God’s promise still stands – the day is coming when he will reign over all, everywhere, and he “alone will be worshiped.”

It’s hard to fully comprehend what the world will be like when no other god, person, place or thing is worshiped, but the one and only true God. It’s going to be Heaven on earth! Isn’t that what Jesus taught us to pray for? “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

In that day the Evening News, and every other news report will only be Good News. Nothing evil or harmful will be happening. What a day that will be! The News will be filled with reports of acts of love and kindness – honesty and purity. There will be peace and rest – health and wholeness - smiles and laughter. I can even imagine reports of awesome new discoveries from the endless expanses of God’s creation. The News will be uplifting and inspiring. The more people hear, the more they will want to hear. Their hearts will overflow with praise and worship to the one and only true Lord and King.

Let's pray -

Father, our hearts long for that day! But even if it will be in the distant future, we personally choose to surrender to your kingship today! Help us to be good news to everyone around us - our family - our neighbors - everyone we meet.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

You Don't Have to Fear 2008

Isn't this a great Scripture with which to start the New Year?!! We don't have to step into the unknown alone with "Father Time." Our Heavenly Father promises He will be with us.

What a difference it made to us as children, when we had to go into a scary place, to have Dad with us. Just his presence assured us that we didn't need to be afraid. Human dads may not always be there and may not always be able to keep us safe, but our Heavenly Father never leaves us nor forsakes us. He is all powerful and is in complete control. If we fully trust Him, there is nothing to fear.

But life teaches us that sometimes He allows things into our lives that may cause us to ask "Why, Why Father?" And in our weak moments we may even allow discouragement to slip in. But if we listen to the still small voice of His Spirit, we will hear - "Don't be discouraged, my child, remember I am God almighty - the victory is sure to come! I will strengthen and help you. Let My peace fill your heart and mind. I am going to be with you and help you all the way! Together we will make it, just trust Me.”

Let's pray -
Father, for anyone struggling with fear today, I ask that you would just put your arms around them and hold them close to your heart until all fear has melted away.
Thank you, Lord.

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