Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Days of All Good News

As we watch the news – local, national or world – it seems 95% or more of it is not good. Murders – robberies – domestic violence – rape – embezzlement – terrorism – natural disasters, and on and on. The list is endless. It can become downright depressing if we watch too much of it. Lawlessness is everywhere. People do what is right in their own eyes. Every year it seems to be getting worse. Is there any hope that things will ever get better?

The prophet Zechariah says YES in the day when our Lord is “King over all the earth!” And Isaiah 25:23 quotes God as saying “I have sworn by my own name: I have spoken the truth, I will never go back on my word: every knee will bend to me and every tongue will confess allegiance to me.” From a human standpoint that is so unreal – so impossible because the world we live in today is in rebellion against God and there is no submission to Him. But God’s promise still stands – the day is coming when he will reign over all, everywhere, and he “alone will be worshiped.”

It’s hard to fully comprehend what the world will be like when no other god, person, place or thing is worshiped, but the one and only true God. It’s going to be Heaven on earth! Isn’t that what Jesus taught us to pray for? “Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

In that day the Evening News, and every other news report will only be Good News. Nothing evil or harmful will be happening. What a day that will be! The News will be filled with reports of acts of love and kindness – honesty and purity. There will be peace and rest – health and wholeness - smiles and laughter. I can even imagine reports of awesome new discoveries from the endless expanses of God’s creation. The News will be uplifting and inspiring. The more people hear, the more they will want to hear. Their hearts will overflow with praise and worship to the one and only true Lord and King.

Let's pray -

Father, our hearts long for that day! But even if it will be in the distant future, we personally choose to surrender to your kingship today! Help us to be good news to everyone around us - our family - our neighbors - everyone we meet.

If today’s promise and comments have been meaningful to you – don’t hesitate to leave a comment. (Single space gives best appearance.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. These are always so timely! I am buried in emails concerning the upcoming homeschool conference and when I came to this one you cannot imagine how it refreshed me. God's word is so amazing.

Joan Newton said...

Iver and Donna,
Thanks so much for your encouragement every week. Every Saturday when I open my email, I smile, and I save the BEST for last. God's Word is always encouraging. Now to have your wisdom added to that is an added blessing. Thank you for showing us that if we are willing, God can always use us to bless others. You and Donna are so special and I love you very much.

Anonymous said...

Iver, you and Donna are an inspiration. I sometimes pass your e-mails on to my brother in Washington State and when I sent him your latest he commented how wonderful it was that someone in my Church can write such encouraging words. It is always a comfort to me to feel God's hands on my shoulders and to know he is always there to help me through this troublesome world........Bonnie

Anonymous said...

I woke up early the other day - thought I'd check my e-mail. What a pleasant surprise!!!!!!! January 11th is always a hard day for me. It was 11yrs ago Friday that Leo died.
Thanks for your words of encouragement. I think the "blog" is a wonderful idea!!