Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Free Gift of God

Free offers catch our eye, but when we check them out they usually don’t amount to much. Receiving gifts is an enjoyable experience, especially when it’s something we wanted or really needed. God offers us a Free Gift that is truly priceless and never losses it’s value! But because all of us have sinned, we are blind to the fact that we desperately need it. Without it we are hopelessly separated from Him for all eternity. Heaven's gates are shut to us.

Sin according to the literal translation of the word means “to miss the mark” - to fall short of God’s standard of perfection. Sin pays wages, namely death. Spiritually dead people will not be able to enter heaven. Heaven is all about Life – death would defile it and God cannot allow that. To solve this problem, God gave His sinless Son to die on the cross for our sin. By raising Jesus from the dead He declared that He was satisfied with His sacrifice on our behave.

As believers, we remember as we humbled ourselves and admitted to God that we were sinners, our spiritual eyes were opened - and for the first time we could see how desperately we needed His Free Gift. For each of us the situation was different, but when we asked Him to forgive us and we put our trust in Jesus as our Savior - it happened! Joy and peace flooded our soul and we knew without a doubt, we had received God's Free Gift of Eternal Life! Now the gates of heaven have swung wide open for us!! By faith we can hear "Enter into the Joy of the Lord." May we always remember, we don't deserve it - we can't earn it - we just humbly recieve it as God's Free Gift. We are so blessed!!!

Fifty nine years ago I admitted to God that I was a sinner and placed my trust in Jesus as my Savior. And as He promised, He forgave my sin, and gave me the Free Gift of Eternal Life! And today, as I write these words, I am assured that heaven's gates will be open for me when my Lord calls me home.
I just know, someone reading these words, is beginning to realize they desperately need God's Free Gift. Right there in front of your computer, admit to God you have sinned and believe that Jesus died and rose again for you. Ask Him to forgive you your sins, and you will recieve God’s Free Gift of Eternal Life. You will be eternally grateful!!

Let's Pray -

Father, we are so grateful for salvation! You are so good!! We love you!!! Help us as we commit ourselves anew to live our life in such a way as to bring you glory. And Father, may there be some who will come to you in faith today and receive Your Free Gift of Eternal Life.

If today’s promise and comments have been meaningful to you – don’t hesitate to leave a comment. (Single space gives best appearance.)


Yiayia said...

As I read your wonderful message my thoughts go out to scores of my family and friends who need to hear these powerful words, and to whom shall I forward it. I pray that this will bring in a great catch of fish for the kingdom.

Steve & Fran said...

Dear Iver and Donna,
Its so good to have your teaching once again. We have enjoyed your scriptures every week. Your pictures show two happy people still serving God and bringing the joy of the Lord to us. We look forward to again fellow-shipping with you both in person some time. Blessings in Christ.
Steve & Fran

Paul said...

While I have only been receiving your scripture email messages for a few months, I truly enjoy getting them from you. Thank you for doing this. This is a real blessing.

Chris said...

Iver & Donna:

Thank you so much for your faithfulness. You truly are a blessing to all.

Today's message is so is amazing that His love truly is FREE!

Terry said...


I loved your blog & so appreciate your sincere desire to be a life-giving presence to others!

In this you show that your heart is being nurtured by the spirit of Christ!

I value your voice in my life!