Saturday, October 6, 2012


“How precious are your thoughts about me,
O God.
They cannot be numbered!
I can’t even count them;
they outnumber the grains of sand!”
Psalm 139:17-18 NLT
When we feel all alone and like no one knows what we’re going through – we need to read Psalm 139 again. (What follows is my rough paraphrase of this Psalm.)
We need to be reminded that he knows everything about us. He knows everything we are doing and thinking even when he seems far away. He sees us when we are driving down the highway or resting in our bed. He knows what we are going to say even before the first word comes out of our mouth.
We are not alone! He’s out in front of us - leading the way and at the same time he follows us with his hand of blessing on our head. How wonderful is that?! It’s really too big for us to fully grasp. We can never get beyond his presence. Even if we got on this world’s most powerful space ship and flew to the farthest end of space – he would be there. Or if we took the most sophisticated deep ocean craft to the bottom of the ocean he would be there ready to guide, strengthen and support us. We can never get away from his presence. No distance or darkness can ever hide us from him.
He knows all about us. After all, he created us. He delicately formed us in our mother’s womb, making us wonderfully complex and unique. He designed us to perfectly fulfill his purpose. We need to be thankful for how marvelously he has made us. He saw our entire life before we were born. Incredibly every day of our life was recorded in his book before we took our first breath. Even now he has precious thoughts about us – more than we could ever count – more than all the grains of sand in the whole world. 
After considering Psalm 139 these past few moments, I trust we have gotten beyond feeling sorry for ourselves. If we still feel that way, we are missing something. We need to refocus on the truth that he has always had our eternal best at heart. Everything he has done and will ever do is for our good and his glory. He is always with us, and his mind is filled with countless precious thoughts about us. What can be more reassuring? 
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